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The Tale of the Psychic

Psychic scams can not only rob you of your money but also your emotional well-being. These fraudsters have no special psychic ability and are just out to make a quick buck--your buck. They promise to remove a bad luck curse, bring you great fortune in your future, or help you find your soul mate.

The scammers are good at telling people exactly what they want to hear. But victims who fall for these scams not only throw their money away, they are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride that requires more and more money to get to their promised goal. And they never get there.

Con artists scam millions of people every year and can seriously affect the lives of victims and their families. Postal Inspectors want to increase the awareness of all Americans, especially older Americans and their caregivers about the dangers of psychic schemes. You can help by learning to recognize fraudulent offers before they cause harm to you and your loved ones.

Foreign Lottery Fraud

NCPW Mailer

A phone call, an email or a letter in your mailbox announces you've won a foreign lottery, and you must pay a small fee to collect your cash. Don't fall for it - odds are, it's a scam!

Sweepstakes and Contest Scams


You've just won a new car, a computer tablet, or a cashier's check. Now they want you to pay taxes, processing fees, or handling charges to claim your prize. Read this first.