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The Legends: Foreign Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

We're pleased to have worked with several long-time television stars. Barbara Eden, Julie Newmar, and the late Adam West shared our passion to protect consumers. They believed scams such as these cause devastating financial harm and psychological trauma. Watch these legendary performers spread the word about foreign lottery and sweepstakes scams.

"Get the Facts"

Most folks dream of...retiring. So too, does Barbara Eden! What advice does Barbara offer to help secure those magical years? Tune in now to find out.

"Sweepstakes Miracle"

It's better to avoid the sweepstakes scam altogether than try to recover your losses. Take it from Barbara Eden! Getting your hard-earned money returned can be tougher than putting a genie back in a bottle.

"Driving Me Batty"

The easiest way to avoid a foreign lottery scammer is to hang up when he calls. Watch the late Adam West as he took on a scammer who offered prizes and financial wealth.

"Cat Got Your Tongue"

Julie Newmar thanked the late Adam West for saving her from a sweepstakes scam. Watch as these TV stars shared the screen again.

Barbara Eden: Behind the Scenes

Barbara Eden shares her talents with the cast and crew of the U.S.P.I.S.'s public service messages about avoiding scams.

Julie Newmar & Adam West: Behind the Scenes

Julie Newmar reunited with the late Adam West one final time in our public service campaign.